Cloverleaf Audio-Visual was founded with one purpose - to make your creative dreams a reality, and to make that process as simple as possible. Whether you need demos or a fully-produced album with music videos, our experienced team can make it happen. 

We seek to inspire and encourage artistic creativity throughout the production process by making every client feel welcome and comfortable so that truly-expressive, uninhibited creation can happen during every session. We strive to make every project shine like gold, and we always aim for our clients to leave the studio feeling completely satisfied - no matter what.

The studio itself was built in the Fall of 2015 by North Orbit Acoustics and opened its doors for business in December the same year. The live room and control room were both designed to be incredibly versatile, well-treated, and well-isolated. In fact, the rooms don’t even touch each other! The two rooms are separated by an inch of airspace between the ultra-thick, highly-insulated walls (STC 60 for the nerds), and both rooms sit on their own floating floor system which decouples the rooms almost entirely from outside vibrations. 

The live room features warm colors, vintage instruments, and a window overlooking a garden. Depending on the size of the instruments, about seven musicians can fit in the live room comfortably. The room’s live-end/dead-end acoustic design makes the room perfect for recording drums, guitar, bass, vocals, horns, strings, or really anything else that can fit in the room. 

The control room has professional-grade equipment, superb acoustics, and (most importantly) a comfortable couch. It has a reverb time of less than 200 ms and an astoundingly flat frequency response. The room’s cool colors and cozy vibe make it an ideal room for writing, recording, mixing, or simply hanging out.

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