The Crew



Owner, Producer, Engineer, Videographer, Studio Guru

Matt Grosso discovered his desire to constantly create at an early age while he was living in Billings, Montana. He wrote and recorded his first song at age 12, and subsequently won a state-wide songwriting contest with it. Throughout high school, he developed a passion for the creative arts. He joined his high school film club and was a member of the band and choir, receiving the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall.

After high school, Matt worked in dozens of recording studios around the United States while earning a B.S. in Music Production from McNally Smith College of Music. In the Spring of 2016 he opened the coziest recording studio in Saint Paul, Cloverleaf Audio-Visual. Since then, he has been creating audio and video content nearly every day.

While working at Cloverleaf, Matt has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients make their creative dreams a reality. He’s had his hands on projects of nearly every musical genre, having his work featured on radio and TV stations across the country.

If he isn’t working, Matt is probably enjoying a cup of coffee, hanging out with his cats, or grooming his beard.

Matt was great at making things go smoothly and efficiently! Very professional and easy to work with.
— Kristin D.


Producer, Engineer, Hip Hop Extraordinaire

Max “Optimystic” Altmark is a music producer and a hacker of the modern day music industry. He draws his edge from a decade of boots-on-the-ground underground Hip Hop hustle combined with diligent study of the modern music industry on academic, technical and philosophical levels. His expertise has been developed through long-term engagement in nearly every facet of creating, recording, producing, performing and distributing music including producing, mixing, mastering and writing dozens of projects and touring globally. Max applies deep knowledge with burning passion while aiming to bring out the best in every project and artist that he works with.

When he is not in the studio or on stage, he is likely spinning fire, riding a skateboard or changing diapers.

Max, the extraordinary engineer, is excellent at what he does. He set up a wonderful environment to relax and prep for vocal recordings.



Music has been a part of Kyle’s life ever since he was a kid, and he doesn’t see himself stopping anytime soon. Kyle loves empowering musicians, and taking every project to the next level. No matter what style you bring to the session, having Kyle as your engineer is always a smart choice.

When you choose Kyle Berg, you’re embarking on a creative partnership that will be as rewarding as it is fun.


The Official Studio Cat

Cuddle with this furry little ball of joy between takes. He was rescued during a severe thunder storm around 3-4 weeks of age. With no mother or owner to be found, our neighbors took him in and nursed him back to health. They couldn’t take care of him for long so Matt adopted him at 6 weeks, and this little kitty has been loving life ever since.

He was named after the composer, Felix Mendelssohn, and the storm he was found in. Some of Felix’s passions are chasing anything that moves and demanding love and attention with his cute kitten eyes. 

He’s the perfect studio companion for anyone looking to record in a fun environment.